Solutions we provide

As our name state we work together with our customers and have done so for many years. We have helped many customers and we are happy to support more. Our 30+ years of experience is not there to intimidate but to secure a succesful delivery of the project we are working within. Your success makes us happy and successful. Technology has always been in our main focus and we have focused on building and delivering top notch solutions. With us you can always feel secure that we have delivered or we will for sure find a solution that will make your solution stand out.


Platforms are complex animals. There is a lot of logic where you must consider connectivity and verification of all users across several areas. In addition there is a lot of logic that must be automated and apply for every transaction that is made. eCommerce is the simplest platforms we make, but we have full range fraud detection and patent pending financial analysis we have worked on. Som of them are so advanced that our work has led to patent pendings.

AI and Deep Learning

AI is great fun. In essence it is advanced mathematics you code and then train it to consider different patterns. It is not more difficult than that. But when you get into image analysis in real time for example and you should colour bits of an image to cover for example a beautiful face in make up it is a lot of analysis in real time that must happen. And the methods are endless. We know the way forward and how to do it. We cut the corners if we can, but eventually we must do the work to deliver good quality.


Ever since ERP and CRM was first invented we have worked with this. Moving from ERP and CRM it has now become an omni channel where autmatic marketing automation supports the companies all the way into the web page to see what their users and customers are interested in. Our team has done this several times and can support our customers on a contractual basis maintaining the systems.